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  • Confidence

    FREE 15 mins consultation

    This call (audio or video) is to give you a chance to have your questions answered about your particular issue or working with me in general.


    This is for you if you:

    • Want to know more about how I can help you
    • Have questions about coaching
    • Are interested in what working together looks like
    • Want to learn more about individual or …
  • Confidence

    I’m Good Enough Writing Exercise

    Just like physical exercises are designed to strengthen certain muscles this exercise is created for you to strengthen the belief “I am good enough” muscle. Try it out for 4 weeks and you will be surprised about the positive results that it will bring.

      • Structured 28-day journey.
      • Daily writing prompts and reflective exercises.
      • Cultivate deep-rooted belief in …
  • ConfidenceSensuality

    Release Body Shame & Become A Confident Woman Masterclass

    Join this masterclass led by me to learn how journeyed from extreme self-hate to self-love and see how you can do it too.

    In this transformative session, you’ll dive deep into understanding and reshaping your relationship with your body, making links to the often-overlooked trauma-based roots of body image issues. Just because you have trauma, doesn’t mean it cannot be changed. …