“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Maya A.


I'm Ruta

Emotional Healing & Feminine Creatrix Coach

Ruta Ka Holistic Health Ltd


I’m an emotional development and wellbeing practitioner. I help women to find their path. I work with tools called integrative trauma models. We look back into painful experiences in the past to find where they’re keeping you stuck today. I help women to change useless patterns into supportive ones. I use the most effective holistic therapy models that cuts straight to the core.

I can help you to release disrupting beliefs (root cause) and re-connect to your true nature and purpose.

Then you can create:

  • healthy relationships,
  • lasting intimacy,
  • positive connection,
  • and an abundant life.

Yes, we can create miracles and magnetise our lives.

Yes, we can experience flow, beauty and power from our hearts.

My goal is to help you to access YOUR power, so that you can do what you came here to do.

What do YOU want to do?

work with me

I use the hybrid approach: we address your obstacles AND we align you with your goals. We find the root cause of your problem and clear the path to where you want to be.

  • Create strong and loving relationships with you and others. Learn to manage healthy boundaries.
  • Heal the pain of inner rift. Transform it into self-trust, stability, vitality, and interconnectedness
  • Open-up your self-expression. Communicate your needs and wants. Re-connect with your heart, feelings and intuition. Reclaim your charisma and passion
  • Get rid of depression and stagnation. Transform your energy into flow and empowerment.
  • Build a healthy lifestyle and habits of emotional hygiene. Attract magic and experience miracles everyday by staying committed to you. Do things that you were born to do!


Private Healing

In one-on-one sessions I give you personalised support and guidance. It’s perfect for you if you need specialised support. I share my insights into why you are in a certain situation and how to change it

Areas that we have helped clients with:

  • Building healthy relationships
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Discovering life purpose and direction
  • Healing sexual trauma
  • Connection with femininity
  • Empowermen
  • Self-love and opening to receive love
  • Radical self-acceptance

womb healing

Re-connect with your energy as a woman in its pure form. Purify the bond with your biological mother. Clear the impressions of your time in the womb.  Clear your unconscious associations with feminine energy.  Get rid of psychosomatic causes of your physical and emotional problems.

Womb Healing process can help you to clear psychosomatics behind these problems:

  • Irritation
  • Others mistreating you
  • Self-sabotage 
  • Not feeling safe
  • Not feeling accepted 
  • Powerlessness 
  • Feeling trapped 
  • Wanting to runaway 
  • Allergic reactions and skin conditions (unconscious stress)


Ruta, the session with you the other day was very beautiful, I really felt light, understood and you went beyond your time, I am so grateful for your kindness and efficacy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Monika Kad
As a trainee that Ruta evaluated at a recent training camp, I found her so tender and caring with her attention and approach to all those around her. As an intuitive healer I believe Ruta has an approach that anyone needing a change in perspective, some re-establishing of energy or a sympathetic ear, Ruta can work on any level you require to help you re-focus your life. I highly recommend the beautiful soul that is Ruta Ka, to you.
Robert Clemens
Reiki practitioner, certified Completion Process practitioner New Zealand
Benefits from the session: Realising my feelings are valid. I have always given myself a hard time for feeling bad. This in itself has been very helpful. It's helped me understand why those feelings are there in the first place. Ruta was a lovely therapist and I felt very safe and comfortable sharing my issues with her.
Louise Carter

group Sessions

womb Healing

I bring energy to every session that makes you feel engaged and supported. In our workshop, I offer:

  • Boundless emotional empathy
  • Safe space for the most intense emotions
  • Openness and non-judgement
  • Intuitiveness in finding your trauma patterns
  • I keep a safe space for vulnerability

Clear the blockages and energies that are holding you back. Realise your true feminine energy!

Training associations and partners:
I am a member of Brighton & Hove Therapy Hub