Coaching Session PACKAGE – Love, Relationships & Money (5 sessions)



Based on energy work, family constellation system, and positive psychology.

Female Coaching sessions can help you if you want to:

  • establish a harmonious relationship in your family;
  • change your life, be happier and more successful;
  • turn your passion and creativity into a profession;
  • others around you to be happier;
  • have healthy relationships (with yourself and with the men in your life);
  • start your days feeling energetic, liberated and inspired;
  • your creations and ideas to turn into realised projects;

You can have the healthy and happy life that you always wanted. The only thing that your need to do is unblock yourself from wounds and traumas that prevent you get there. I’m waiting for your invitation to guide you through this.



Essential Coaching Tools We’ll Use:

  • Working with your past (childhood traumas, negative experiences, and stress)
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine behaviour energies in your personal and professional life
  • Tackling inner conflict
  • Forgiving yourself and others (techniques for forgiveness)

Individual and Family Counselling

  • Balancing the feminine and the masculine energies in you and your environment
  • Discovering your feminine strength and energy (astrology and archetypes)
  • Family counselling
  • How to create emotional intimacy
  • The stages of a relationship
  • Family rules and patterns
  • The roles and responsibilities of men and women
  • Consulting couples
  • Familial goals
  • Issues and blocks for attracting partners
  • Types of familial relationships and how to make it work

Female Constellations (Feminine Energy Systems)

  • Constellations for therapeutic effect and practice and as an entry into the world of esotericism
  • How to enter the feminine flow
  • Working with practices and techniques that can incite a trance
  • Working with gifts: signs and visions that come to us in constellations, meditations, and practices
  • Meditative and visualisations practices
  • Creating inner space and working with higher powers and assistance
  • Techniques and practices for eliminating negative emotions and filling ourselves with energy
  • Practices for fulfilling your desires — principles, execution, and results
  • Constellations for conception and childbearing

Sexology and Intimate Life Issues

  • Tools to eliminate sexual issues
  • The root cause of sexual issues for both men and women
  • Sexual practices for women & how to enjoy sex and get more orgasms
  • Unlocking the feminine sexuality
  • Practices for orgasms
  • How to release feelings of shame, guilt, and fear
  • Counselling couples on the topic of sex
  • Female sexual practices


Healing Psychosomatic Conditions and Ailments

  • Emotions and their role in our life
  • How to release suppressed emotions
  • Seeing illness from metaphysical point of view
  • Techniques for resolving inner conflict
  • The origins of disease
  • Interpreting disease
  • Tacking and resolving inner fears
  • Practices for activating your inner resources, both physical and psychological
  • working with the unconscious programs and associations
  • Rewiring negative thinking and behaviour patterns at the root cause of sickness
  • Tools for healing past trauma
  • The ability to obtain and maintain your energy
  • Meditations for health
  • Issues with ill relatives

Additional Practices and Techniques

  • A technique for rewriting your life’s story
  • Working with your life’s timeline
  • Tools for setting goals
  • Working with your personal values
  • Introduction to male and female archetypes and how to harmonise their energy combinations in relationships
  • Identifying your archetypes and working with the archetypical energies

Modalities to be used or drawn upon for our coaching sessions

  • Family System Constellations
  • Female energy practices
  • Nossrat Peseschkian’s Positive Psychotherapy
  • E Berna’s Transactional Analysis
  • The Completion Process
  • Parts Work
  • Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT)
  • Eriksonian Therapy
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Tantra Practices
  • Coaching
  • Fairy Tale Therapy
  • Art therapy
  • NLP

All the steps towards emotional well-being include emotional re-education.

NOTE: the effectiveness of the session will depend on the individual and will be unique depending on the individual readiness to let go of certain energetic patterns, ability to focus intention clearly, energetic attunement to subtle energies and other underlying unresolved issues.