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non-profit organisation dedicated to helping victims of sexual, physical, and mental abuse

RE-TURN to Innocence

Why this is important to me

So many women I have worked with has experienced sexual trauma sometime in their childhood at the age that they should have been kids and played with their friends and siblings, rather undergone the pain and violation that they did. These beautiful, wonderful women who are now adults have been carrying their pain years and decades. The ripple effect that trauma of this nature that is not healed creates is very painful. These women have part of themselves stuck somewhere in the past and because of that they experience so much extra pain due to self-worth, failed relationships, internal feelings of shame and badness. When all of this could be healed so much earlier. When all of this can be integrated. And then perhaps lot of other pain in their further life could have been avoided.

It is possible to heal it. At any age. At any stage in life. Especially for children and young adults who have experienced sexual trauma, trauma itself is a lot to deal with. They don’t need extra trauma piling up on that what has happened. They don’t need to be supressing and carrying it with them for years. They can still have years of childhood, youth, young adulthood to be returned to them.

The children are literally our future, and if we can help them to get their sense of wholeness back to them sooner the future they will experience and bring to us will be much healthier. So if we can be part of it, if we can help them – let’s do it. Let’s fuel our healing power there where it can help humanity most. We already know what is like to live in a scary and unjust world. We already know what living in the trauma feels like. So if we have a power, let’s help our children of the world to build a better, kinder, more healed place.

Meet Dominika D.O.M. (Deo Optimo Maximo)

photo_2024-02-18_14-27-52 dom

D.O.M. is a visionary creator who channels multidimensional prophetic art inspired by the New Earth reality. Through a deep surrender to the energy of Source, she allows divine creativity to flow, connecting with the highest potentials of existence. Her art, infused with 12th-dimensional codes, serves as a conduit for activating divine potentials and healing on a quantum level. She also taps into the timelines of Ascended Masters, bridging distant realities to show that time is an illusion and that all possibilities exist in the present moment. Through her work, she aims to expand consciousness and empower others to embrace their divine essence and claim their highest timelines now.

a letter from Dominika:

Hope this email will find you well.

I am reaching out to you all, to introduce you to my new, and so far,
biggest project called:

“RE-TURN to Innocence”, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping
victims of sexual, physical, and mental abuse.

The deep calling, and inspiration for this project, came from my own
personal experiences, and the experiences of all my courageous clients
who went through, or are still going through their healing process,
after experiencing difficult and traumatic events in their lives.

My own healing process taught me that everything happens for a reason,
and we can still heal and grow from whatever has happened to us in the

But it is not possible, if we do not have access to professional help,
to someone who will guide us back to our personal emotional freedom.

The access to the help that is required, to heal and release what does
not serve our life, is often very restricted.

First of all because the private services are often too expensive, and
most people are unable to prioritise their own health due to other
financial commitments.

Unfortunately, many of us do not know how to prioritise ourselves at

But I know from my own life story, that self-care and putting yourself
first, is something that as a society we often don’t know how to
implement into our daily routine.

As someone who experienced several difficult and traumatic experiences
from a very young age, I also know that the unhealed wounds will only
bring more wounding.

A person, who has not been able to release the trauma, will be
unknowingly re-creating similar events in life, struggling even more and
at times even taking his/her own life.

I know how the physical pain feels, but I also know that the pain of
unhealed emotional wounds, being trapped in negative life cycles of
life, is simply indescribable.

Today, after going through many stages of my own healing, and helping
many individuals, as well as whole family units, I know that with proper
help, we can truly heal from anything, and start creating the life that
we desire, as emotionally mature adults.

Up until now, I have been working with private clients from all over the
world, but most recent events made me realise that more needs to be

That there are so many people of all ages that do not have access to
professional help, due to their financial situation.

Therefore, the non-profit organisation “RE-TURN to Innocence” is being
created so we_ _can serve any victims, of all ages for free.

A person, who has not been able to release the trauma, will be unknowingly re-creating similar events in life, struggling even more and at times even taking his/her own life.

As You Donate, You Also Get A Gift

For the individuals who will decide to donate and support our
organisation, we will be forever grateful for your input into our
project, and for being part of helping others to reclaim their freedom

ADDITIONALLY, if you decide to donate an amount higher than £99, you may
claim a following gift from Dominika:

  • £100 – £200 – a single remote therapeutic session
  • £200-£300 – 2 single remote therapeutic sessions
  • £300 – £500 – 2 x 2h remote therapeutic sessions, or a fine art print
    of your choice: please go to Dominika’s artistic website (button below), enter the gallery, and pick the artwork of your choice. The chosen piece of art
    will be delivered to you in the form of a limited-edition print.
  • £500 – £700 – single 6h long quantum hypnosis session, or fine art
    print of your choice
  •  £700 – £1000 – set of therapeutic sessions, or 2 fine art prints of
    your choice
  • donations over £1000 will be granted with an original artwork, oil on

*To claim your gift, please email Dominika at: dominika@domart.co.uk.

** Please note that, for those who wish to claim a gift, a short phone conversation will be required to make an arrangement.

D.O.M. artwork

Additionally, as of January 2024, the funds from Dominika’s art will also be
redirected to support the non-profit organisation.

If you can support us in any way, please know that you will become part of this amazing
project, and ultimately you will be the one that helps bring back
justice for the innocent victims of abuse.”

Let's unite and support our brothers and sisters of the world so that we all can have a better life and build a healthier world!