I’m Good Enough Writing Exercise


Just like physical exercises are designed to strengthen certain muscles this exercise is created for you to strengthen the belief “I am good enough” muscle. Try it out for 4 weeks and you will be surprised about the positive results that it will bring.

    • Structured 28-day journey.
    • Daily writing prompts and reflective exercises.
    • Cultivate deep-rooted belief in self-worth.
    • Encourages positive affirmations and introspection.
    • Shifts negative self-perceptions.
    • Embrace inner worthiness and confidence.
    • Downloadable PDF for easy access.
    • Transformative journey to self-empowerment.


This 28-day writing exercise template is designed to help you to cultivate a deep-rooted belief in your own worthiness and capabilities. Through daily writing prompts and reflective exercises, you will tap into your inner resources and train your mind to focus on your worthiness by filling out the reasons why you’re good enough.


Good enough for what?

Just about anything.


Each day, you are guided through prompts that encourage introspection, positive affirmations, and envisioning a future filled with confidence and self-assurance. The exercises are crafted to gradually shift negative self-perceptions and instill a sense of inner worthiness.


This downloadable PDF template provides a structured framework for those of us seeking to enhance our belief in ourselves and our abilities. By dedicating just a few minutes each day to reflective writing, you can unlock your full potential and embrace the truth that they are inherently good enough. You will be surprised how after this daily practice some of your “good-enough” thoughts will become automatic and you will begin to live from that perspective.


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