“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Maya A.

The famous shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius has taken the last push on the 21st of December.


If you’re into astrology and collective energetic forecasts you have probably seen a lot of meditations and talks about that on the social media already.


What I wanted to do is to offer my perspective on what all of this means to us and what do we need to do in order to enter this new age with a stride rather than being dragged into it by force.

I personally believe that our attitude to things that are happening makes a huge difference, sometimes it makes all the difference.


So what do we need to do? 🤔

How do we go about this shift in the most harmonious way?


Here’s my list of key points of what will keep us in alignment with the change:

  1. Understanding that what is happening is on the cosmic scale is much larger than human life. This new energy will be around us for the next 2000 years so it is something that will affect our children, children’s children and many generations to come. It is not personal and we will be in it whether we like it or not.

  2. On a personal level, we do have a choice. If we accept that our energetic “atmosphere” has changed and therefore we need to adapt to that to our best ability the transition will be much smoother and less jarring.

  3. We need to take an honest look at ourselves and identify the coping mechanisms that we been using. Coping mechanisms are behaviours that we have adopted so that we can manage something in our lives, however, the coping mechanisms are not really healthy responses. So we need to be brave enough and see what we might not like to see about ourselves, however, once we have seen our coping mechanisms – awareness is there and awareness is THE THING that will start to heal them.

  4. We need to understand that some of our behaviours will no longer work. It is a bit like trying to do deep diving with a piece of snorkelling equipment. Our environment is changing and what worked in a previous era (Pisces), with previous energies will not work in this era (Aquarius). We must start looking for new and healthier ways of behaving: more in alignment with the planet and a healthy humanity. [Healthy in this case primarily in an emotional sense but also in the holistic sense. ]

  5. We need to start de-personalising what other people “do” to us. Yes, it is personal, and yes it happened, and yes it did hurt us, however it is important to start to recognise how other people’s behaviour toward us is a reflection of their own wounds, their own traumas, their own interpretation of us. We don’t have much control over that. So when we make it less personal, we can see what’s happening more clearly.

  6. We also need to start seeing our own reaction towards others as less personal. When something triggers us, and especially when someone triggers us, we can blame that person for it. However, if we do that, we will lose the opportunity to see what is really going on. And what’s really going is that we are reacting to the meaning that we assign to that person and that action. The meaning is made up of our interpretation and how we interpret things is again dependent on our wounds, on our traumas and our perspective. So once we see that our reaction is ours, they didn’t “made” us react that way, we can start to look for what is still hurting in us, what still needs healing, which part of us needs validation, acknowledgement and care. And like that, we can start our personal alignment process.

  7. Become really committed to finding the common ground. There’s no blame and there’s no guilt in this. Guilt and blame process can take forever, it is a vicious cycle it doesn’t do much for progress. At most, we can agree that yes, from their point of view they are right and we are wrong and from our point of view we are right and they are wrong. But that’s that. Then what? So right now what we need to focus on that “then what”. What are our common goals, common wishes, common dreams and how we can make it happen.

So that was my key pointers for what I sense as a key direction for the years to come and a shortcut for making yourself individually aligned to the change process.


If you want to watch this in a bit more detail: here’s my video on Age Of Aquarius ♒.

I hope that this new era will bring you and my changes and wisdom beyond our wildest imagination in a way more positive direction than ever before.


Stay authentic. 



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