“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Maya A.

Work with me

Reconnect with your energy in its pure form!

my services

I use the hybrid approach: we address your obstacles AND we align you with your goals.  We find the root cause of your problem and clear the path to where you want to be.

  • Create strong and loving relationships with you and others. Learn to manage healthy boundaries.
  • Heal the pain of inner rift. Transform it into self-trust, stability, vitality, and interconnectedness.
  • Open-up your self-expression. Communicate your needs and wants.  Re-connect with your heart, feelings and intuition.  Reclaim your charisma and passion.
  • Get rid of depression and stagnation. Transform your energy into flow and empowerment.
  • Build a healthy lifestyle and habits of emotional hygiene. Attract magic and experience miracles everyday by staying committed to you.  Do things that you were born to do!

Private Healing

In one-on-one sessions I give you personalised support and guidance.  It’s perfect for you if you need specialised support.  I share my insights into why you are in a certain situation and how to change it. 

single Session

I use several transformative tools and techniques.  For example, you may have a traumatic past event and keep certain patterns in your life in a “repeat mode“.  To heal this, we’ll use The Completion Process.  Or you might be stuck with some emotions that keep on coming up.  And you might not know what has happened, and you may even not want to know what had happened.  In this case, we’ll use a gentler Metaphysical Anatomy Technique.

For internal conflict we’ll use Parts Work.  And if you have relationship issues, we’ll apply the Attachment Theories.  There’s also the Future Self Work, Womb Healing and Pre-birth experience reset.  Depending on what you’ll need the most to resolve the trauma and experience healing I’ll use any of these.

In some cases, all you need might be one session.  If we need to work together longer, I offer packages for the bundles of sessions too.  Either way, I am holding a non-judgemental and confidential space for you.  I’m here to help you experience healing.

Areas that I have helped clients with:

  • Building healthy relationships
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Discovering life purpose and direction
  • Healing sexual trauma
  • Connection with femininity
  • Empowerment 
  • Self-love and opening to receive love
  • Radical self-acceptance

deep transformation

This is a package for women who committed to deep transformative change.  If you are ready to work through several issues, or one rooted issue, this is the perfect program!  You will enjoy longer term support and guidance.

We’ll have 10 sessions to work together.  We’ll use several techniques and tools to transform the problem from deep level.  We’ll work from many angles.  We’ll look through behavioural patterns, habits and internal conflicts.  We’ll find out what keeps you stuck in unwanted patterns.  And finally, we’ll map the individual steps for you to manifest the breakthrough.

healing Package

We’ll create a personalised plan for your emotional development. Then we’ll work on each issue as per plan.

Or we’ll work on the intuitive basis on what you need and in line with the path of your natural pace of healing. You will be in control of the process and you will have my commitment to support and take you through this process.

The sessions should be booked and completed within 6 months period. This will allow the appropriate level of engagement and intensity to keep the energy of change and progression.


What did you like the best about the session? There is another human who knows what kind of shit is inner work (despite the fact I love it) and how it is hard sometimes to be in that. How have you benefited from the session? I was not alone in my pain. And other person saw it and have not denied, rejected, betrayed, walked away from it. Would you recommend individual session with Ruta? Yes. You led me through all journey thoroughly, with no judgement and accepting and understanding my pain. Letting for my pain be there for all its right reasons and it helped a lot. Sincere gratitude for help in my dark day:).
Kristina Savickyte
Ruta is very skilled and powerful, she holds this very important space for us to heal within MAT Womb stage healing with Ruta was amazing , very deep, we got to places I have not reached before . All that helped me to gain new perspective on my life and explained many aspects of my behaviour. I highly recommend healing sessions with Ruta It's deffinitely worth the money and time, you will benefit greatly!
Katarzyna Sobczyk
What did you like the best about the session? How real and authentic you were with me and how you told me to be with myself How have you benefited from the session? You helped me realise how [self] approval was the most important thing for me, and let me tell you is transformed my life since them! Also, that I don't need to do CP just yet Would you recommend individual session with Ruta? Yesssss. Because you made me feel seen and heard and validated and you gave me some seriously good advice which meet me where I was vibrationally I think it was the best money I've spent for a very long time! And I'm glad it's gone too someone I know has the capacity to help people like me!
Adaś Sanyal

womb Healing

Many women experience trauma and psychosomatic symptoms.  These are often created by the negative energy imprints.  We’ve picked many of them up when we’ve spent time in our biological mother’s womb.

These associations are both emotional and instinctive.  We need to clear them before we can fully claim our femininity. Emotional triggers, limitations, and traumas are present in so many women today.  But through addressing and clearing this energy, you can live more freely as the woman you are meant to be.

private healing

Re-connect with your energy as a woman in its pure form. Purify the bond with your biological mother. Clear the impressions of your time in the womb.  Clear your unconscious associations with feminine energy.  Get rid of psychosomatic causes of your physical and emotional problems.

Womb Healing process can help you to clear psychosomatics behind these problems:

  • Irritation
  • Others mistreating you
  • Self-sabotage 
  • Not feeling safe
  • Not feeling accepted 
  • Powerlessness 
  • Feeling trapped 
  • Wanting to runaway 
  • Allergic reactions and skin conditions (unconscious stress)

I’ll guide you through the visualisation process.  You’ll be able to recognise and clear negative energetic imprints from your pre-birth.  We’ll neutralise negative associations picked up in your biological mother’s womb. We transform it into caring, comfortable, and connected experience.

The entire womb healing process comes in 3 separate stages.  How long it’ll take depends on you.  There’s no limit to how many times you can do this clearing. Whatever surfaces in the session is what you are ready to work on/ clear at the time.  And there can be several layers.  I use the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT) to facilitate healing in this session.  We do the energetic clearing, and we unlink emotional and instinctual associations that are in your subconscious.  This completes the trauma cycle.  Also, this releases you from the patterns you picked up pre-birth unconsciously. Usually, this process may take up to 3 hours.  We can do it in one or split it in 2 individual sessions, depending on your case.

group Healing

We delve into the nature of your experience in the womb.  We work through a process based on MAT.  This process does two things.  First, it clears the negative energy.  Second, it unlinks the negative emotional and instinctual associations.  Emotions and instincts are often wired together because of trauma.  For example if we were unwanted by our mother, we feel like we are unwanted in the world.  Or by other people.  During this process, we remove such burdens that are being held by the subconscious.  This gives you freedom and allows you to reclaim the power that has ultimately always been yours.

I bring an energy to every session that makes you feel engaged and supported.  In our workshop, I offer:

  • Boundless emotional empathy
  • Safe space for the most intense emotions
  • Openness and non-judgement
  • Intuitiveness in finding your trauma patterns
  • I keep a safe space for vulnerability

Clear the blockages and energies that are holding you back.  Realise your true feminine energy.

womb energy work

There are many links between the physical realm and the emotional experiences.  These can start as early as our time in the womb.  This is where our energy is first clouded – through trauma and negative experiences.  I am on a journey to help women rediscover their feminine energy by removing these blocks.  I help women to rebuild and renew their energy by filling the gaps they need to address.  This is how we achieve true empowerment.  I am here to guide and support women to bring to the world what they have come here to share.  What YOU are here to share.

I am emotional wellbeing practitioner and holistic coach.  My specialisation is holistic trauma integration.  I use this skillset to help women free themselves of unwanted life patterns.  I also clear the psychosomatic culprits behind physical and emotional ailments.  Some of these conditions include:

  • self-sabotage
  • a feeling of not being accepted
  • wanting to run away or hide
  • adverse reactions
  • body issues and irritations
  • fluctuations in mood and irritability
  • others mistreating you
  • feelings of powerlessness

To fully embrace the transformation, we’ll explore your relationships with your womb.  We’ll also clear your pre-birth trauma experienced in your mother’s womb.  And finally, we’ll find a healthy balance with your version of femininity.

The outcome of this session vary depending on:

  • your readiness to heal
  • absence of the hidden benefit
  • ability to focus intention
  • energy attunement
  • and the handling of other underlying issues that have yet to be resolved

Clarity and truth are essential if you want to develop your feminine energy in its purest form.  And that’s what we do in this process.