Birthing Radiance of the Sacred Womb

Often the struggle endured by women has been private and attached to a story that may have served other people’s interest.


I will provide teaching on how to connect with the feminine essence innate to the sacred womb. 

Connecting and communicating with your womb will provide guidance, direction, and a greater sense of purpose in your life.

We will dive into the mind and body’s inner enquiry of self, accessing greater levels of intuitiveness, receiving confirmation of personal truths. 

This alignment to personal truths provides greater access to the fundamental values that connect you to your highest vision of how you want to embody your essence as a woman.  .

The program launch is on
8th of January, 2022

You can book your seat but sending me and email  or by reserving your seat below:

How connecting to your womb can help you?

  •  A greater sense of empowerment as a woman
  •  Harmonious and stronger energy flow and allowing more ease in your life
  •  A deeper level of access, to the spirit, mind, and body connection
  •  A deepened relationship with yourself
  •  Greater alignment to your authentic self and more satisfaction in your live.
Gold frame with a dried pink buttercup flower



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